web3 Founder Guide

Fundraising in a Bear Market

Our guide to Fundraising in a Bear Market explores the challenges and opportunities in front of founders who are aiming to raise capital in a tumultuous web3 market. This article explores the impact of bear markets on web3 funding, emphasizes the importance of capital management, discusses the need for crypto spend management, and provides insights into fundraising strategies, including investment options and finding the right investors.

Global venture funding is down across the board, but this funding pull back is especially prevalent in web3. No one is immune to a bad market, but often those that bear the brunt of the pain are startups. As financial services experts working in web3, we appreciate that our current market conditions present a difficult time for founders of web3 startups hoping to fundraise.

We designed this guide specifically with founders in mind. While the information contained in this piece is relevant to anyone interested in web3 private markets, we intentionally set out to create a guide that would help founders prepare for a fundraise in difficult market conditions. The intended outcome is to help startups that are in need of an injection of capital, but had been holding out 'until the market turns around'. We've worked closely with countless companies that once held this mindset, but found that with the right strategy (and execution) there are still real opportunities to raise a good funding round to support the growth of their business, even in a bear market.

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