Market Overview & Process Guide

Secondaries in Web3

This guide dives into the vibrant and growing secondaries market in web3. The guide explains the culmination of factors, both internal to the web3 market and otherwise, which have led to a resurgence in activity in the secondaries. It highlights how the lack of existing infrastructure and transparency in web3 secondaries leads to inefficiencies and hampers market dynamics. It explains how navigating the web3 secondaries market can be confusing and frustrating, pointing towards engaging financial experts and proper tools to help stakeholders hoping to participate in the market with improved discoverability, negotiation support, accurate valuation, and fair pricing.

Reflecting on the web3 space through a financial lens, it is clear that a few specific areas capture almost all of the public popular attention. The astronomic bull market valuations and gargantuan raises of funds to deploy in the private market dominate the crypto financial news cycle. However, these aren’t necessarily the aspects of the web3 financial markets that are the most exciting, or even the most active. This protracted bear market has shed light on some of the perhaps less glamorous financial transactions that take place and allow the whole system to work efficiently, namely private secondary sales (a.k.a secondaries).

We made this guide in alignment with the core tenet of our company, web3 Studios: to unlock liquidity for founders and those stakeholders who need it most. This guide provides invaluable insights for both buyers and sellers of secondaries in web3. It serves both as an educational tool and as a resource to empower builders and investors in web3 to continue their hard work propelling this space forward.

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